Join Team Hrvtska

How does it work?

Firstly, there will be an initial consultation. This is the set up of your meal plan and your personalised 4 week training block. Its also your first weekly check-in! From there on, there will be weekly check-ins, this is where your progress is reviewed weekly and dietary changes occur. The total cost of the first month is $350.

For those who have completed the first month, we provide dietary changes reviewed weekly and personalised 4 week training blocks on an on-going basis. The cost is $200 per month.

Contact us for any other enquires. For example, we have a 4 Week Training Block for $150 a month (20 sessions).


  1. Whats involved in the weekly check-in? Each week you will weigh yourself upon waking, and record your body circumference measurements in cm. We use these tools to adjust your diet from week to week. Additionally, once a month we ask for progress pictures.
  2. I’m not sure what I’m doing, do I have to wait until the weekly check in to contact you guys? You can contact us at anytime! We’re here to help! We provide a personal individualised service, rather than second guess yourself, just shoot us a message!
  3. I’m a powerlifter and already have a coach, I want you guys to do the diet though, do I still have to get the training program? The short answer is yes, however, like to develop the training programs in conjunction with the diet plan to achieve maximum results.
  4. Can you do programming for a powerlifter/strongman? We sure can!